Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life at the Beach

So it is day three of our beach trip...we have 7 adults, 8 children (4 which are under the age of 5) and six people, wait, make that seven, that are on antibiotics...Jess just joined the crowd of drug takers. Does this sound like fun?
In all actuality, it has been a fun trip. The kids are getting along, the laughs are plentiful, and we are on absolutely no schedule whatsoever, which is wonderful.
As far as the oil, the first day, the beach looked great and we let the kids wade in the ocean. Last night there was a storm, and now we are truly at Orange Beach :( There is oil all over the sand and in the water and it is just not a pretty site.
We decided to head over to Pensacola today to find some sunshine after we woke up to a rain storm. We got there and the storm came with us. Nobody can say we didn't try. By the time we got back, it had pretty much cleared up and we put the kids in the pool until dinner. We have to make sure they are nice and tired! I have decided that we need to do this every year :)