Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

I have tried to think of something to blog about for the last few days...I got nothing. So here are some random thoughts, to you, from me :)

I walked in the backyard today to find my daughter lying on a lounge chair with her towel and sunglasses reading a book...she looked like a little teenager. Somebody please help me or make her stop growing up.

The pool on post opened today and I informed my children that they HAVE to go to the pool every day for one hour until we leave for AL. I am determined to get them some color so they don't fry at the beach.

I just got the greatest delivery at my door. My friend brought me a cupcake all the way from Oregon. Best cupcake I ever had, and there is still some left for breakfast, or to share with the kids. I will see how I feel about sharing in the morning.

I went shopping today and it didn't kill me...enough said.

It is Friday night and I am doing laundry and cleaning bathrooms, what could be more fun? Hey, at least my house will be clean for this weekend!

Well, obviously, I don't have very many random thoughts tonight either, so I think I will go upstairs and grade the mound of school papers so we can truly be done with school!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Colorado or not?

I came to a conclusion a few days ago, one that was only strengthened today...

Colorado Springs is not really a part of the state of Colorado!

It is true. I am sorry to break it to all of you, but I have thought that for quite a while and this spring has been the icing on the cake.

Now before you argue, just bear with me. If you ask anyone what they think of when they think of CO, chances are the answer is going to be something to the effect of snow, mountains, hiking, rafting, etc. I grew up in CO (well after we left CA when I was 14) and we lived in true CO. We lived in a small town in the middle of the mountains, had gorgeous days, lots of snow in the winter, short 10 minute rain showers each afternoon in the summer...exactly what CO should be.

So although I REALLY didn't want to leave my friends, I was somewhat excited to move back to "gorgeous" CO. Then we moved to the Springs. First of all, these are not mountains. Don't get me wrong, we have Pikes Peak and mountains right outside of town and Garden of the Gods (which is beautiful) but it is kind of flat and dry looking here. Still, it was okay, because like I said, we can see mountains.

Then came winter...

Need I say more?

If it is going to be bone chilling cold, then there should be snow! Not ice, SNOW! How can a place that is truly CO be so incredibly cold, and not have snow? Someone please tell me! The weatherman would tease us with snow, but he was wrong..he should be fired.

It finally started to warm up in March, and then froze, and then got warm, and then froze, and get the picture. But wait! Along with the warmth came the wind. I know spring can be windy, after all, that is the best time to fly kites, but seriously? Must the wind blow you over every time you walk outside? I saw grown men today struggling to walk down the street and children being held on to by the hood of their coats so they wouldn't blow into the next neighborhood. And this is not a one time thing, this wind occurs quite frequently, as least once or twice a week. I have been in tornado weather that is not that strong. My basketball hoop, which is filled with water, can now be shot at from my front porch because the wind decided that we need a basketball hoop on the porch!

So, I hate to say it, but I think we have an imposter. I think Kansas is trying to overtake Colorado and is doing it under the name of Colorado Springs! I think we all need to move west into the mountains and let Kansas have it...just sayin'!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Spa

So I have caved...Who says peer pressure ends in high school? Some friends of mine keep telling me I need to start a blog, and I have finally given in. Why? I am not sure yet, because I don't tend to have a very interesting life, but then again, maybe boring is the new thing, so in honor of Susan and Chris, here goes nothing.

drum roll please *****

I went to the spa today for the very first time. My friend's husband, in cahoots with my husband, planned this day for us for Mothers Day. So off to the spa I went. I have never been to a spa before; I think I have only had three manicures in my life, so I was excited but a little nervous.

I learned a few things from my day at the spa, however...

1. Touch is definitely not my love language--pretty much already knew this. Don't get me wrong, I love being touched somewhat, but I am not touchy feely. At all. So getting a massage was a little uncomfortable for me, out of my comfort zone. Then the lady said "You're a little tense." All I could think was "Really? You are rubbing all over my body and it is kind of awkward" Of course, I didn't say that out loud...well, not exactly. She then proceeded to explain that when she works out the knots, she is bursting little bubbles of toxins in my body so I should make sure I drink a lot of water to flush them out. Then I am, lying there imagining toxins flowing through my body, kind of like the little green bacteria that are in all the commercials...yep those, just running through my body. In fact, this thought has crossed my mind more than once today...not a pretty thought, but made me drink my water, so all is good.

2. Peppermint scent + steam room + 90 degrees + tightly enclosed space = panic?
We then went into a steam room, it started out ok, loved the smell of peppermint...thought to myself, "this should be fun". We were in close quarters which was fine because I love my friend and we were not touching (not my love language) but the longer I sat in there, the harder it was to breathe. I felt like I was going to suffocate at some points. I don't mind humidity, but WOW! Peppermint is not so good when you can't breathe. We had to open the door and let some actual oxygen in a few times, but it made for some good laughs.

3. I have anger issues
I never knew this. Sure, I have been angry at times, but I learned the difference between being mad and being angry. After much examination, ok, laughing and talking over lunch, I realize there might be some areas in my life that I have anger about. Guess that is something else I need to work on...

Overall, it was a wonderful day, and I am much more relaxed. I did enjoy it, awkward moments and all, and it gave me a good idea...I think I should take Megan to a spa for her thirteenth birthday for an introduction to being a woman. She would love it!

Disclaimer*** I am not an angry person, I think I worried my husband and my mom. It was just kind of a joke because we were talking about how anger affects the way you act towards people and feel about people. So, yes, I have times of anger, but it was more of one of those things "Hey, how was the spa?" "Good...I learned I have anger issues...who knew?" Well, anyways, it was funny while we were sitting there talking about it, maybe not so much now :)