Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Well, here we are on winter number two in Western Kansas ;) Do you want to know how I know winter is here? Because my feet are FREEZING!! So I am going to spend the next two months cuddled up under my blanket with my hot chocolate. I might venture out to see Christmas lights, however, because they are the best things man ever created! I really wish more people would decorate their houses for Christmas (coming from someone whose house is never decorated) so that I could drive around for hours and look at them. My mom's neighbor has the best decorated house and I told my mom I am going to set up a blanket and chair and camp out on her lawn to look at the lights....with hot chocolate, and if anyone cares to join me, I will share :) So, while all of you are enjoying your Christmas know where to find me :)

Good friends

I love that I have a friend that can hack into my blog and change it up for really, I am being serious....I LOVE IT!
(because we all know I have no clue what I am if I could just get her to blog for me haha)