Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

I have tried to think of something to blog about for the last few days...I got nothing. So here are some random thoughts, to you, from me :)

I walked in the backyard today to find my daughter lying on a lounge chair with her towel and sunglasses reading a book...she looked like a little teenager. Somebody please help me or make her stop growing up.

The pool on post opened today and I informed my children that they HAVE to go to the pool every day for one hour until we leave for AL. I am determined to get them some color so they don't fry at the beach.

I just got the greatest delivery at my door. My friend brought me a cupcake all the way from Oregon. Best cupcake I ever had, and there is still some left for breakfast, or to share with the kids. I will see how I feel about sharing in the morning.

I went shopping today and it didn't kill me...enough said.

It is Friday night and I am doing laundry and cleaning bathrooms, what could be more fun? Hey, at least my house will be clean for this weekend!

Well, obviously, I don't have very many random thoughts tonight either, so I think I will go upstairs and grade the mound of school papers so we can truly be done with school!


  1. tell me more about the cupcake, why is it so special

  2. My friend's SIL brought me a cupcake down from Oregon because I had been told they were the best...and well, she was right. It was a giant red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and it had buttercream inside. It was heavenly. Great, now I am hungry!