Sunday, October 10, 2010


Everyone knows deployment just stinks so I was trying to think of the good things we have experienced during deployments...

*During our first deployment, we were able to become debt free, now the extra money makes for some great family vacations.

*Even though Damon has been gone multiple years, he has never missed our kids birthdays. We were always able to schedule R&R around their birthdays (he did leave once on the morning of Cody's birthday for the field, but we celebrated the day before)

*I have learned that I am pretty strong and can handle almost anything (through God's strength) but I will admit, I do put some things off until he gets home.

*Being apart allows my husband to write me sweet letters (hint, hint, Damon)

There are also things that I enjoy that I usually don't do when Damon is home but I would trade them in a heartbeat to have him here.

*sleeping with my kids in my bed
*hanging out in the front yard until 9 at night with friends watching the kids play
*going down to the neighbor's house to borrow something and coming back two hours later...oh wait, I did that while he was home, too, OOPS!
*making sandwiches or cereal for dinner

Although I hate Damon being gone, and I know he hates it probably even more, I feel like we have this under control (somewhat) We have gotten to where we are in a routine and we do what needs to be done on both ends and wait for the day he will be home. Until then, we will just keep trucking along! Btw, we are well into the downhill portion of this deployment...happy dance for us!

PS Magic Jack and Verizon's friends and family have been my best much better than the MWR phone calls!


  1. You're my hero, Lori ~ because you really do have it under control. I want to be just like you when I grow up : )