Saturday, October 2, 2010

How I Really Feel...

Dear Army,

I feel like I have been pretty patient with you. In fact, I feel like we have gotten along until now. I have quite enjoyed moving around with you for the most part. I have been places I never would have gotten to go. I have walked on glaciers and had moose in my front yard. I have watched my husband catch fish that weigh three times the weight of my children. I have met some of my best friends through you.... are really starting to get on my nerves now. I am getting tired of it always being about you. In the last 30 months, you have had my husband for 22 of them. I am not okay with that. Did no one teach you how to share? I mean, seriously? It would be nice to have my husband home. I am done with this deployment and all future ones. My kiddos are ready to have their daddy home to play with them. I am ready to hang out with my husband without a deployment hanging over my head. I would like to have more than a few months at a time with my husband...just sayin'. So, all this to say, I am going to have to sever this friendship with you. I will be civil, but the love is gone. When you decide to let us be a family again...all together in the same state, then I will reassess our friendship. Until then, you are on the outs with me.




  1. thank you, we all fill this way and need to know it is okay to have these feelings